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TL;DR:​ 10x Engineer and Leader with Product and Business Acumen. CTO & VP Engineering Experience. TechStars Alum. I run the ​Austin Nodejs Meetup​. Previously ran EmpireNode Conference and ​the NYC Nodejs Meetup​.

Hands-on contributor with deep experience in distributed systems and domain driven design. Strong product and strategy insight from work in various industries, TechStars, and advising. Also an active Open Source software contributor.

I am a builder. I build cutting edge tech and teams. I founded a TechStars company that was later acquired, helped build and scale a FinTech firm bringing a sea change to bond markets, and currently work at the cross roads of blockchain and energy. Did I mention community? In NYC, I ran the NYC Node.js Meetup  and EmpireNode. Now I run the Austin Node.js Meetup, in the heart of Texas.

I engineer systems that scale, using Open Source and common tools to build software that grows with teams and businesses. Some of those systems processed the Twitter firehose in realtime. Others powered bond trading platforms that have cleared over $1.75B in trades. I've been building eventually consistent distributed systems with 'microservices' since before it was a google keyword. My code powers a high-tech, touch-screen, Node.js powered treadmill. Today, my team and I build software that brings blockchain payments to the residential energy market.

I am always interested in meeting new people with passion for career and personal growth.

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