Hi. I am Matt Walters.

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer. I run the NYC Node.js Meetup and EmpireNode. I also founded a TechStars company that was later acquired.

I engineer systems that scale, using Open Source and common tools to build software that grows with teams and businesses. Some of those systems processed the Twitter firehose in realtime. Others powered bond trading platforms that have cleared over $1.75B in trades. I've been building eventually consistent distributed systems with 'microservices' since before it was a google keyword. I've consulted for companies like Koko Fit Club where my code powers a high-tech, touch-screen, Node.js powered treadmill. And I talk and share my ideas with the community regularly.

I provide consulting and advising for companies that want to lay down reusable code and product now.

Reach out and see how I can help you!